Join us at 9:00 a.m. on Sundays for our lively contemporary worship.

1st Service in our Fellowship Hall is a time for individuals to connect with God and with each other, through this amazing worship experience.  Sitting around tables creates a real family atmosphere as people gather, pick up a cup of coffee or tea, and hear our awesome Praise Band's engaging music in the background.  The reading of Scripture, the preaching of the Word and the sharing of prayers and concerns are integral parts of this worship.  Music helps connect all these parts so that the worshippers are prepared to hear the Word and be in the presence of God and in the community of the faithful.  The worship begins with the singing of praise songs, led by Sue Peters and the band, that lift the spirit into a worshipful mood.  All the music is chosen with care to coordinate with theme of that Sunday’s sermon.  Sometimes there is special music: a vocal or instrumental solo or children singing in the middle of the worship time.  The Morning Glory Worship always ends with a song that hopefully will remain in the hearts and minds of the worshippers as they go through their week