First Presbyterian Church's Board of Deacons is an 18-member group of committed and caring people who meet monthly.  This Board is elected by the congregation and ordained for a three-year term.  Each year six new Deacons are elected so that one third of the Board is replaced.  After serving a three-year term, a full year must elapse before being eligible to serve again.  The Board of Deacons meets every second Tuesday of the month.  

Deacons are called to care for and comfort the sick and needy in our church family, as well as coordinate activities that make our Sunday’s special, but they are also asked to do many tasks which assist the church in doing compassionate work in the community.

There are a number of ministries which they perform regularly.

  • The GOOD SHEPHERD program keeps the Deacons (Good Shepherds) in touch with about 16 families each.  They contact them by phone, cards, notes or face-to-face to share a cheerful greeting with them.
  • In the NURTURING MINISTRY, several Deacons contact people by telephone who have not attended services in recent months just to check on them, making sure that they are not sick or in need of help.
  • The senior citizen residents of the Village of East Harbor are picked up each Sunday morning by a rotating team of CAR DRIVERS.
  • Each week at least two church goers are assigned to be GREETERS at the entrance to the sanctuary. They welcome regular worshippers and newcomers alike with a handshake and a smile
  • As a worshipper enters the sanctuary, they are greeted by USHERS who make sure that they can find a seat and receive a worship bulletin.
  • COMMUNITY MEAL Deacons prepareand serve about 100 lunches twice a month at the Mount Clemens Salvation Army. 
  • Non-perishable food items brought in by the congregation in an ongoing collection are taken by the FOOD PANTRY Deacon to Grace Episcopal Church where food is distributed to the needy through Father Bob’s Food Shelf. Place your donations in the wicker basket found inthe Narthex.
  • FOOD BASKETS for Easter and Thanksgiving are provided for those in need.
  • A critical local mission, FEED THE HUNGRY, provides a hot meal for those in need.  Once a month teams prepare, serve, and clean up the Sunday afternoon meal at a hosting neighboring church.
  • Through the CARD MINISTRY, greeting cards are sent to members of the church family unable to attend worship and persons on the Prayer List; the cards express that the Deacons are thinking and praying for them.          
  • Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month.  The elements of bread and cup for both worship services are prepared by teams in the COMMUNION GUILD.
  • HELPING HANDS is a program to aid church members with such things as light yard work, storm window hanging/storage, cleaning gutters and other small tasks.
  • YOUTH INVOLVEMENTdoes just that; they work at integrating youth into the life and work of the church.
  • The MUFFIN MINISTRY teams make quick visits to the homes of first-time visitors who sign our Friendship Pads each Sunday. The teams drop off a plates of fresh baked muffins and a packet of information about FPC.
  • The COOKIE COORDINATOR encourages church goers to bring in home-baked or store bought nut-free cookies for us to enjoy with our tea and coffee before and after each service during Fellowship Time.